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No matter whether you have years of experience or aren't even sure what your story is, SpeakerHack will teach you how to earn AT LEAST $1500 for your next speaking engagement, in the next 60 days.

No experience speaking or storytelling?

Lee made $3500 from his first speaking engagement, with zero experience.

"I had never been contracted as a speaker. I had no idea where to begin, what the proposal should cover, what to charge, - and most importantly, what to speak about.

Under the mentoring from my mentee, I was flown to the college; a driver pick- up from the airport; a rental car awaited at the school (and a parking space and sign with my name on it); I was given a hotel suite with a jacuzzi - and a gift basket filled with fruit and college swag lay upon the king-sized bed.

Shaun shared techniques for memorization, as well, which I still use to this day."

- Lee

Not sure how much you can make through storytelling?

Shawn is now making $25K per speaking engagement.

"Shaun is a speaking guru. In the beginning of my speaker journey, he gave me the jewels of the speaker tool kit and the BiG information needed to attract a speaking agent. Today I can acquire up to $25k to speak based on the value I provide. Salute good brother💯"

- Shawn

Terrified of public speaking?

Christina went from terrified of speaking to using her voice as a podcast host, activist, and startup founder.

"Before meeting Shaun Derik I was a community leader without a voice—terrified of public speaking.

So much so that I would have other people speak at my events on my behalf. 

Within a month of his coaching, I produced a concert experience with 250+ of my friends, family and communities and finally shared myself. Since then I’ve become a podcast host, relationship activist and founder of a funded startup called Deepen."

- Christina

Not yet sure what your story is?

Karith went from unclear to 6-figures.

"Shaun Derik is a master mentor. Working with him I was able to get my ideas out of my head, onto paper and then to the stage. I went from making 3 figures for speaking engagements to 5 figures per speaking engagement.

Guess who's heading to 6-figures right about now. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and expertise Shaun imparted. I would not be where I am today without him."

- Karith

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